—-“What? Are you gonna keep shooting me or do I need to point out the real bad guys?” Because he can gladly point out the Blackwatch soldiers.

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For a few ‘heated’ moments, he’s being shown what forever really is.

It isn’t living and it sure as hell isn’t dying. .. and oh, he knows it’s been a while, Dias. An incredulously long while, yet — being lifted and pinned wasn’t exactly part of the plan… huh. However distastefully brief, he’s becoming part of the unforgiving cold that helps make up another ruined alleyway wall in the forever decaying Red Zone and it isn’t so bad after all.

Teeth, tongue, lips. Remembrance.

The one thing he cherished that life always gave and death took away

Forever never did learn to last long enough when he’s letting ferally dimmed red eyes greedily soak in the innocence of familiar blue. When the whole world comes apart around them, this is everything he needs.


"I had you in life and still wanted you in death. .. no. I don’t think I’ll be leaving you again.”

You don’t think you’ll be leaving, huh? I’m not satisfied with your answer, Deus..” And for however long their little silence is after that, Dias has a bit of a bitter problem.

Or a split personality problem. Take your piffling pick.
Armor decides to cover the one side of his face, tendrils neatly sweeping across to caress trembling, wicked lips that stretch into such a macabre horror right on his fucking face. If the one blue eye that narrows into the thinnest of lines didn’t make you feel slightly uneasy, perhaps hands on either side of your head might. Rule number million: Never break Dias’ heart by dying.

Humans die. Animals die. Plants and everything organic dies. You being an uncurable virus shouldn’t. No exceptions. No fucking excuses. Dias can understand you getting hurt…No, not even that!

So he leans in real close-like; armor, mass, and tendrils eating away one side of his body while the other remains untouched. Twisted innocence and callous sin. Lips find Deus’ throat and Dias simply plants a few lingering kisses— Until there’s teeth and tongue, salivating infection and blood into his wound. Someone is marking and claiming you. Ivory features become striking in a sweet, long heated moment and hands greedily shift into claws so knives can embed in his thighs.

I trust you still know how to satisfy me, right~?

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there’s no higher power
      there’s no G O D


it’s just chaos and violence;
random and unpredictable evil
that comes out of nowhere

           and rips you to shreds.

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She twirled around, back pressing harshly into the metal grating in the process. Charcoal hues focused on where the creature, which she could now see was in the form of a human male, landed and she couldn’t stop the gentle hiss that rose in response. The sweet smell— it was this creature. It was overpowering, her stomach churning from the scent along with the building hunger. Nothing she had been near had been this..this contaminated with sickness such as this and a sliver of wonder ran through her. How could a being stay in one piece with such disease inside?

The way he was posed gave away strength, confidence. Something the Kelpie held as well, though her head was warning it would be bad to try and fight. The little voice that was trying to keep her clear headed was slowly being eaten away by the need that was becoming more prominent as each moment passed. The internal battle seemed to slow as the other spoke, her head clearing momentarily.

/Who are you/

Alice never let her eyes stray from his position as she took a slow breath, trying to figure out what answer would be sufficient. None asked who before, merely what, so she was genuinely puzzled. Brows slowly knit as she spoke, voice low.

"Alice. I am Alice."

Mercer still doesn’t raise from his crouched position, fingertips pressed so hard against the concrete that it cracks. He’s extremely wary of anyone—Everyone. And it still don’t make things better that her scent isn’t human. It would have been easy to avoid the thing altogether. Of course, Alex can’t get a break from curious, prying eyes these days.

Finally, Alex is standing up and cobalts seem to narrow against the fire flickering behind her. Yeah, he heard your name and it’s almost obvious that he doesn’t care. Despite inquiring when he landed, you’re making him bristle each time you breathe—because he can see the hunger in your eyes. And he can’t stick around to kill you and those Blackwatch soldiers now pouring in around the airport.

Stay away from me.” It’s all the virus says before turning to leave.

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prototype II pseudonymdias


"I know survival isn’t a game," she breathed, clenching her fists. The shards followed her motion, slowly crushing the brawlers still in their grasps. Helena was no longer friendly yet a cool smile still remained on her lips as she listened to him.

"I know I’m still human. And I’m also a Conduit. My neck is breakable but my spirit isn’t. They tried to do that to me back at Curdun Cay. Isolation can do a lot to the human mind and it gives you a lot of time to be with your thoughts." She raised her hands and looked at them, wiggling her fingers as the diamonds started to coat them once more. 

"However, it does feel like you’re playing a game with me. You’re toying with me."

He’s cringing again.
Lips pursed into this poignant line when she continues to slowly crush his Brawlers. Their screams and dying moans seem to block out the world around him and sericon hues dull. While he suffers a brain implosion each time you do that, Zeus decides against showing his pain and neatly circles around the small space.

The virus eats in the stale, thick air— embers and soot blowing past his thinned lips with every shallow breath. And then he sits on the hood of a car, leg princely crossed, fist pressed to a cheek. Smiling.

Oh? I can assure you that you’re not even worthy enough to be toyed with. But tortured and killed is always next on the list.” Calm, unreadable. You can’t hear the malice that seeps past such a charming, inviting tone. He’s ignoring those wiggling fingers too—if you value them, don’t touch him.

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prototype II pseudonymdias


Now she was pissed. Hearing his purr she snapped her fingers and summoned crystal tendrils to snake around his leg and anchor him to the spot. 

"Not so fast. I’m not done with you."

Eyeing the other creatures she crouched low and decided enough was enough.

I don’t have time for this.

Slamming her fists to the floor with a loud grunt shards of diamonds emerged out of the cracks in the floor, impaling the creatures around her. Knowing they wouldn’t die so easily she curled her fingers and manipulated the shards to follow, piercing the creatures again and again until she was certain they wouldn’t be able to move. 

"What kind of fucking game are you playing?" she called out to Mercer, huffing a little bit from having to use so much energy in such a short amount of time. 

Those tendrils are narrowly avoided by some fancy footwork, heel of his dress shoe coming down to shatter a tendril like broken glass. He’s not a stupid virus—maybe you’re too stupid to realize Manhattan is his home, his kingdom come. And she’s just debris blowing among the monsters.

Zeus snorts under his breath once she’s done killing the Brawlers, a mild headshake follows.

Game? You think surviving is a game? I’m leaving you here; alone. To better yourself from being a worthless excuse of a life source and you think I’m ‘playing' a game?” Zeus moves forward, calculated steps that doesn’t give away the blazing hostility behind dim eyes. He kicks a Brawler body out of his path and his lean frame bends down so he can flip a charred taxi out of sight. "So slow to catch on, to understand. Almost all you Conduits think you’re stronger than anyone else because you have powers. Well, hate to bust your bubble. You’re still human— and that means your necks are still breakable~.”

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Serial Killer BY Lana Del Rey
Degenerate Beauty Queen (Fan Mix)
5,989 plays


Serial Killer - Lana Del Rey

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Seven Devils BY Florence and The Machine
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Florence and The Machine- Seven Devils

Holy water cannot help you now,
Thousand armies couldn’t keep me out,
I don’t want your money,
I don’t want your crown
See I’ve come to burn, your kingdom down.

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prototype II pseudonymdias


"Son of a bitch!" she hissed, eyes widening at the hulking creature as it tried to aim for her.

Leaping out of the way she narrowly avoided the hit but the aftershock sent her stumbling back and hitting the wall. Stunned but safe due to the crystals coating her skin she stood back up and glared at the creature.

The Goliath prepared to hit her again. This time however she threw
 her arms up calling up a dome of crystals to shield her just as it’s fist came back down, feeling the floor crack and a rumble once it made contact with the crystalline wall.

Reaching into her pockets her fingers touched the diamonds and they were immediately absorbed into her. That dome required a lot of power to create and she needed to refuel immediately.

Placing her hands on the dome wall she manipulated it to clamp around the creatures fist to trap him. Her. It. Whatever it was.

Once done she made an opening and risked a dash for the outside, hoping to find that bastard, Mercer, so she can keep up. 

No fucking way is he going to lose me that easily!

Never had you to lose anyway. You’re just another toy for him to play with and discard when he’s done.

Already gone. While she was busy fighting, Zeus had wandered down the street, around several corners and into another small conflict he can easily take care of on his own. By the time the ground stops shaking and his Goliath is freeing himself, the virus is sending the beast back to Empire, via Hivemind before circling back into his previous area and behind the girl.

Looking for me~?” Another silk-like purr and Zeus pauses several feet from her. Some kind of sneer settles and arms fold neatly. Oh, how he wonders what the doll will do now when a dozen Brawlers circle her. Hungry, starving. Again, Zeus is leaving her— No longer giving her a single thought.

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prototype II pseudonymdias


She had difficulty understanding what the hell he was talking about. Seems like it would take some getting used to, the situation and it’s dangers.

"Green zone….yellow zone….helicopters and military access? Complicated but I’d prefer complexity than death." 

Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to d-

"What was that?" A sound. Movements. She felt the ground shake at precise intervals. It didn’t seem like something an explosion could cause. No this felt like something was heading their way. Something organic and most likely the thing that was chasing her before when she was powered down.

Not willing to take the risk she decided to go for it; turn her body into a near indestructible shield. Diamonds encased her skin before whatever flesh lay underneath turned into the same hard organic substance.

"Mercer? How do you…kill those things that were after me earlier?"

Oh, nonono. No. That’s not how the game is played— or won. You only get one spare card and it was used up when he ‘saved' you the first time. Keep in mind, Zeus is a cynic; better start showing him that not humans are selfish, idiotic, morons only looking for a chance to be on top. And yes, he also knows you're a Conduit—still applies.

You think I’m going to tell you that, huh? No. I suggest you learn how to adapt if you wish to survive. It’ll be fun.” Zeus loves to watch lesser beings struggle to get to a certain high point in life. It’s relaxing to watch them crawl on their knees, do the unthinkable to fucking survive— You can’t be selfish anymore. From now on your fragile mind has to improve and rely on instincts; and sadly not everyone is capable of evolving into something better. Greater. Stronger.

Zeus casually sways to one side of the room just before the hulking figure pries off the roof and stares down at them both. A Goliath. His Goliath named Benjamin. Of course he knows his master and how the virus deal with newcomers. He merely waits, and once Zeus is walking out the warehouse, a massive fist is aimed for the girl. "Try and keep up. I won’t come back for you.”

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