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"Son of a bitch!" she hissed, eyes widening at the hulking creature as it tried to aim for her.

Leaping out of the way she narrowly avoided the hit but the aftershock sent her stumbling back and hitting the wall. Stunned but safe due to the crystals coating her skin she stood back up and glared at the creature.

The Goliath prepared to hit her again. This time however she threw
 her arms up calling up a dome of crystals to shield her just as it’s fist came back down, feeling the floor crack and a rumble once it made contact with the crystalline wall.

Reaching into her pockets her fingers touched the diamonds and they were immediately absorbed into her. That dome required a lot of power to create and she needed to refuel immediately.

Placing her hands on the dome wall she manipulated it to clamp around the creatures fist to trap him. Her. It. Whatever it was.

Once done she made an opening and risked a dash for the outside, hoping to find that bastard, Mercer, so she can keep up. 

No fucking way is he going to lose me that easily!

Never had you to lose anyway. You’re just another toy for him to play with and discard when he’s done.

Already gone. While she was busy fighting, Zeus had wandered down the street, around several corners and into another small conflict he can easily take care of on his own. By the time the ground stops shaking and his Goliath is freeing himself, the virus is sending the beast back to Empire, via Hivemind before circling back into his previous area and behind the girl.

Looking for me~?” Another silk-like purr and Zeus pauses several feet from her. Some kind of sneer settles and arms fold neatly. Oh, how he wonders what the doll will do now when a dozen Brawlers circle her. Hungry, starving. Again, Zeus is leaving her— No longer giving her a single thought.

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prototype II pseudonymdias


She had difficulty understanding what the hell he was talking about. Seems like it would take some getting used to, the situation and it’s dangers.

"Green zone….yellow zone….helicopters and military access? Complicated but I’d prefer complexity than death." 

Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to d-

"What was that?" A sound. Movements. She felt the ground shake at precise intervals. It didn’t seem like something an explosion could cause. No this felt like something was heading their way. Something organic and most likely the thing that was chasing her before when she was powered down.

Not willing to take the risk she decided to go for it; turn her body into a near indestructible shield. Diamonds encased her skin before whatever flesh lay underneath turned into the same hard organic substance.

"Mercer? How do you…kill those things that were after me earlier?"

Oh, nonono. No. That’s not how the game is played— or won. You only get one spare card and it was used up when he ‘saved' you the first time. Keep in mind, Zeus is a cynic; better start showing him that not humans are selfish, idiotic, morons only looking for a chance to be on top. And yes, he also knows you're a Conduit—still applies.

You think I’m going to tell you that, huh? No. I suggest you learn how to adapt if you wish to survive. It’ll be fun.” Zeus loves to watch lesser beings struggle to get to a certain high point in life. It’s relaxing to watch them crawl on their knees, do the unthinkable to fucking survive— You can’t be selfish anymore. From now on your fragile mind has to improve and rely on instincts; and sadly not everyone is capable of evolving into something better. Greater. Stronger.

Zeus casually sways to one side of the room just before the hulking figure pries off the roof and stares down at them both. A Goliath. His Goliath named Benjamin. Of course he knows his master and how the virus deal with newcomers. He merely waits, and once Zeus is walking out the warehouse, a massive fist is aimed for the girl. "Try and keep up. I won’t come back for you.”

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Teardrop BY Civil Twilight
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Civil Twilight | Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

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You better damn well be quiet and listen. Just listen to him, man. ‘cause it’s not like he goes around spewing that ‘l’ word crap for everyone, alright? 

You’re an asshole and you reallyreallyreally piss him off sometimes, but..

- look, fuck Augustine, okay?

Fuck her, forget about her this isn’t even about her right now;

she’s a bitch, anyway.

"God. .. I’m.. really happy to hear that."

What? You thought I wouldn’t feel the same way about you?” Zeus is rather swift to get up and press lips against the native’s jaw, red eyes fading into a calm blue. Despite being new to these ‘feelings’, the virus is willing to try and be the better half for Delsin. He can’t promise he’ll be the best boyfriend the conduit would ever have… But here’s to trying.

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           c r o s s your heart ?? 

           she was always  good for  a smile when someone
           is with her,   especially if   it were   to be somebody
           like alex   himself.   clear   laceration    brims in her 
           eyelids. she   released   the taller   male   from her 
           hold, her aspects pulled off an anxious expression.

          ❛ do    you    need    any   meds   to   help   you   on 
                                                                         recovering ?? ❜

Cross my heart~.”

There’s almost a teasing tone in his voice when he swaggers away to stare out the window. Zeus folds his arms, thinned lips tugging upward into a noncommittal sneer. "No. My mass is just low; nothing to worry about." Because that’s the last thing he’s trying to do is make her worry about him— some monster who will never die.

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Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for getting me this far! This blog has been around for about 5 months (I think???) and I honestly never though that there would be 103of you guys!

Prime Conduits - aka my closest friends on here

kxrat - Sofy! You’ve been here from the start and really helped me get Sarah going! We’ve had plenty of fun planning what’s going to happen between these two, hell, we’re real suckers for torturing Sarah, aren’t we? I really look up to you, you’re hilarious and a great friend! Keep it up! 

defixntdevxl / canisxcurious  - Ziggy, where do I begin? You have been a brilliant friend on here and we’ve sure as hell had a lot of fun with our muses and I hope we get to continue to do so in the future! We actually met on my old account (ew) and we’ve been having a blast since then. I know you’ve been having a tough time but I adore you and you’re a fantastic friend, don’t forget that!

short-circuited-outlaw - Alright, you dweeb, we’ve had some shocking times on Skype between these two asses, haven’t we? I adore you’re Cole, even if he is an ass at times, and you’re super nice! I know we’re gonna have more shenanigans between them in the future!

eideticker - I know you probably won’t see this since you’ve been having laptop problems but I’ve actually known you since the beginning of my first account. You’re an incredible writer and you’re Will is really sweet!

Suspects - Radical people that I really want to interact with, have interacted with and are damn awesome

akomishnolonger akomish-born armedwithmxtal bluelxghtning bioterrorisms burnemopen carminecrown devxl evohound eyesandearsoftheorder gasmxsk heisdeadtotheworld hxroicus infamousismymiddlename junglekxng kyratxrebel metalbarnes officialdup protectorofconduits paperconduit rakyatxwarrior sickeyes thecrankysheriff 

Civilians - Everyone else that has been awesome enough to follow me! (not in alphabetical order since i’m lazy)((you’ll be here even if i haven’t followed you back))

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"Alex! you are my kitty."

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"[W]ould you like some cookies, sir?"

ASKED BY heiiiress.

I'm not a fan of sweets..nor do I trust food from strangers.” But he’s grateful for the offer—a sinister snerk says that much.

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             limbs  folded  themselves  around the taller
             male — whom she called her brother — she
             remains  quiet  for  a  few moments, before
             finally vacating a shaky breath as she says.

           ❛ i —— i  thought  i  l o s t  you, b r o t h e r . ❜

Oh?” An adonis leather arm curls around her waist and Zeus guides the girl close, brows knitting underneath his cowl. So many days and weeks tend to go by before he realizes there is people who misses his presence; like Christina.
Another battle between Heller had ended with a few torn limbs and missing chunks from his faux flesh. Zeus can see why the girl ‘assumed' this was the end— Forever foolish and yet he still cared about her. A human who had been by his side for years. Claws gently push through her hair, ruby hues narrowing. "You won’t lose me. I promise.”

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drag my teeth

                           across your chest

                                                           to taste your

                                                                                     beating heart.

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