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"You are
a storm
and I am
the sea.
You fuel both
the anger
and serenity
in me."

Ming D. Liu, "He’s angry and judgmental but somehow, we work." (via mingdliu)
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*skips tutorial* how the fuck do you play this game

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They scream ‘freak’, 'cause

when you got all of these really motherfuckin’ awesome, really really really awesome powers yeah, you’re real. So real, man. A real monster.

God it’s like that asshole Hank alllllll over again. 

Help the guy, Delsin.

Get the shit end of the ‘real' pretty freakin' awesome deal, Delsin. Do the right thing, Delsin.

The right thing.





" … a kind of thing I fucking love, alright?!”

Alex is going to be deathly quiet, letting what he just heard cycle through his mind. No voices, no memories - Just Delsin’s ending word stuck in his damn head. Love. He was actually loved by someone…someone who could do better and yet he chose him. Alex Mercer— nono, not that guy. He loves Blacklight.

Who knew going to Seattle to kill Augustine would turn into this? Alex falling in love with Bannerman, who tagged his entire apartment and constantly annoyed him was probably the oddest thing ever. And despite wanting to strangle Delsin most of the time, Mercer can’t imagine a second without him. "…I love you, too."

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Eyes dart down to the box, then immediately dart back up. Like he’s contemplating. And he doesn’t move for a while, because he doesn’t know what he should do. Take the box, and there might be some trick to it. Refuse it, and, well…it does kind of defeat the purpose of the whole situation. 

But he wasn’t lying; he doesn’t trust him. One bit. For all he knows, it’s some sort of trick laying in wait inside the box. So he holds his hands up, drawing power from one or two monitors behind him to pull a couple of angels out—mostly for protection, if it comes down to it. 


"O-open the box." Back to his usual voice, and it sounds reserved; because he’s truly terrified of what could be in there. For all he knows, it’s a time bomb, or something that’ll cause him to forget everything. His hands tighten and he’s ready to form a sword for protection if it comes down to it.

"O-open it slowly…J-just in case."

Yeah, giant angels totally is going to make him remain calm. There’s this ‘are you serious' look on his face right now before he starts opening the box at a steady pace— You should really go to church to cure that paranoia if you'd think Alex would seriously break a radio, get another one, turn it into a bomb and just blow it up.

It’s a normal blue mp3 player with some sort of black spider webs on the back. Alex presses a few buttons and shakes the device before putting it back inside. "Take the damn thing so you can get away from me."

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Yeah, realizing that just  now? Gee, thanks.

Don’t ignore him, man.  Hoooow do you manage to be a total asshole and make him feel sorry for you, dude? Maybe ‘cause the only reason he’s still there, y’know, ‘in the way' and whatever?

He cares, alright? Reaaal shit at showin’ it sometimes.. or.. maybe all of the time, but he cares.


"… can ask me anything. You know that."

He feels so hollow right now and there’s a dull ache in the middle of his chest. Such a scorned child who grew up in poverty, could barely take care of ‘his' sister and then got killed. He woke up…to this shitty life—Alex Mercer's shitty life that he so desperately tried to fix. His life does suck, no matter how many people he kill or save.

"…what kind of thing am I to you?” Alex mumbles and lowers his head again, eyes carried off into some distant wonderland. Was he a monster or just some freak with powers? He never really told Delsin much about his past; all he could do was avoid the subject completely.

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Part of him falters. Completely. It’s mostly in his voice, though, because the display of his video powers in his hands only glows brighter. 


"You think I’d trust that? Trust you? Even if it’s only my radio, I know better than to trust the likes of you.” Fingers clench into fists and he’s so close to bringing them down with swords to follow. He takes a deep breath and tries to keep his shoulders from tensing more. 

"If you can’t handle threats and demands very well, then catch a clue; so long as your watching over Delsin, that’s all you’ll get.”

"—- You don’t have to trust me or like me. But you will respect me.”
He reaches into his pocket and pulls the music player out, still in the box and untouched. Didn’t know you and yet Alex went out his way to replace something that had be brought in his domain by a certain idiot and smashed. Turns out, he shouldn’t have done shit— makes him question if giving humanity another fucking chance was a good call.

And he smiles. Monotone pallid and a macabre horror right on his face. You should really hit him first, make the red filter through and provoke him into tearing you apart~.

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He cowers back a little, like he’s afraid. And initially, when he hears that voice, he is. Though years and years of being picked on and bullied, then isolated, has made him skittish, the time he’s known Delsin has made him a little more confident. He looks down at his hands, fiddling with each finger, with this small laugh.


"You come into my dominion, break my radio, and then refuse to replace it?” His shoulders tense a little, and his hands begin to glow with this blue glitching appearance. And his voice might be taking on that lower voice, too. “What gives you the privilege to enter someone else’s territory and treat it like your own?”

There’s this cracking noise of teeth snapping from gums, being swallowed and the action repeated. He literally bit his tongue off to keep from saying anything cruel. Eugene is Delsin’s friend and the last thing he needs is having to tell the native he consumed him.
"Never said I wouldn’t replace it. I said I wasn’t doing it right now… I don’t handle threats and demands very well.”
Meaning, Alex isn’t fond of your display of video powers.

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"Uhm…excuse me, Alex, was it?" He’s keeping his head down. This guy’s just as tall as Delsin, which means taller than him, which means slightly more intimidating than the menacing expression he has. 

"…You…broke something of mine. And…I…" He takes this slow, deep breath. And he’s actually looking up, though he’s completely tense. Timid. "I want you to replace it. Now."

The boy smells like Delsin; well he has this lingering scent that pricks his senses. Alex is already frowning when his name is said, an uncomfortable shift of weight and this defensive stance. It seems like Delsin went around telling all his little friends about him— Pity. Because right now Mercer isn’t in the mood to meet his band of conduits. And yet the virus remains neutral, quiet, and slightly tempted to scare the kid away. Heh..

Oh, fuck. It’s that guy…
Eugene or nerd; Alex always ignored the beanie idiot when he talked about his friends in Seattle. Wow, should have been paying attention.. "….now." Yeah, he smashed your mp3 player because Delsin someone didn’t turn the music off when he asked. Now you think you’re going to make demands on when he replaces it? Hah—- no.
"I’m not doing shit for you now. Maybe when I feel like replacing it, I will.”

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              I shouldn’t

                                       have to   

                                                                                              what I do

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