Narcissistic † Canniba

I'm an angel.

A demon.

I'm hell and I'm heaven.

I'm everything you couldn't be. Now you believe in the d e v i l.

Alex Mercer »ZEUS«



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Just going to stare at her because she keeps crossing his path.


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                                   need a weapon

{I am a weapon.}

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"Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human."
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  What’s a soulmate ?

             Well, it’s like a { best friend } — but more. 

  It’s the one person in the world                                                                                                               that knows you better than // anyone else ,

           it’s someone who makes you a { better person …

                       well, actually they don’t make you a better person…                                               you do that yourself; because { they } inspire / you

    A   {  soulmate } is someone who you carry with you — forever. 

                               It’s the one person who knew you,                                                                                  and accepted you, and believed in you;

                                                             before anyone else did.                                                                                               — or when no-one else would. 

    and no matter what happens…

                                  you’ll always love them.
                             nothing can ever change that ”

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— The infectious duo ¦ Penn Station AU ¦ Closed RP



*** 5:53am**

Cellphone is vibrating on the nightstand beside a pair of reading glasses before a hand is slamming over the device and dragging it forward. Despite being the SG4, the man still needs his glasses to make out the caller ID name and picture. There’s a trice of silence until a deep morning voice is growling out a simple, “Yeah?”

"Did you forget about the meeting at Gentek, Alex?" It’s a feminine voice, stern and also curious. Cautious even. The last few days he’d been galling at everyone and distant with his research on Blacklight.

"…No, I—"

"You’re the lead researcher on this and I highly doubt showing up late will make the company look good. I’ve…just been worried about you lately."

Should have hung up the phone. Would have hung up the phone if he wasn’t in the process of kicking the covers off and sitting up. Purloins dig in brown curls, soothing away the start of a migraine. “I’m fine, Karen. I’ll see you at careful.” He’s hanging up before she can say anything and flounced the phone back on the table. Dreading it. The meeting is nothing but congress sticking their nose into bullshit that had nothing to do with them. And Blackwatch? They’re watching, always watching him and the whole research team. Maybe he’s just being paranoid again - explains why he keeps staying away from the windows, always checking over his shoulder for someone to snap his neck within the crowds. But it lead him to ponder why Blackwatch got involved? Why were they sticking their noses into shit that didn’t concern them? What the hell did Gentek do…ugh, so many questions and still no answer to satisfy him. Everyone keeps giving him these looks, telling him to speed up the work. Hurry up and find a breakthrough. It’s all Mercer can think about while he’s showering and getting dressed.

Something is fucking wrong.

He can’t put a finger on the sickening feeling in the divot of his stomach. Not even coffee can stop shaking facets and when he’s finished with the biscuit he made, the man is hurling it all back up. Nerves are shot. Just shot to hell this morning. This morning catching a cab is replaced with walking from his apartment to work - good thing he wore his hoodie to stay dry from the rain. Nothing but a normal day for most of the people in Manhattan…hell on wheels for Alex. Tried to figure out why he’s feeling this way and there’s no use. Won’t say it’s the meeting. Or the gloomy day. By the time he walks through the doors? Everything makes sense. At least it starts to.


“The Umbrella Corperation wants “Blacklight” for what fucking purpose?” It’s a snarl; dentas sharply gnashed together so not even air could pass through. The brunette scientist is seething, glaring daggers through clear lenses.

“Beats me. Johnson said they wanted to buy the sample from Gentek and continue research themselves…” Karen said, taking a steady sip from the coffee mug. Shoulders lift and fall quickly, “and if you think that’s bad? Garrett was found dead in an alley this morning.”

Alex is turning around to gather his paperwork. The entire meeting was about Blackwatch and Umbrella, selling his creation or giving it up. Funny how parting with it seemed like giving away a child. And now Karen has piqued his attention again. Another researcher from his team found dead? For crying out loud, this means he was the last man standing! What the fuck was going on? “Last guy on my team, Karen. I’m next, I just know it. You’re going to be hearing about me on the news and—” She’s grasping him firmly by the shoulders after setting her cup down, gaining his attention once more. There’s the start of fear in his emerald gaze that’s causing even her pain. Pain that she’d seen when she broke up with him. Always lurking. Apart of him.

“Alex, no one is going to kill you. Just because people from your team are dyin-”

“They are being killed! Dana was right..She said that Blackwatch was killing those apart of the project. Covering up something..I’m next to be killed, Karen. Saved me for fucking last so I’d know they’re coming!” Pulled away from her, hanging his lab coat up on the hook and snatching his hoodie and leather jacket. “I have to leave. Get out of the city and lay low. Penn station is my only way out alive.” Karen can only watch him frantically race around his lab with wide eyes and broken mutters. So many times she wanted to reach out and convince him to stay but of course, he won’t listen. Too headstrong to sit at his desk and finish the virus. And then she is watching him shove a sample of the crimson vial in his pocket. Was he…?

“Damn it don’t be a fool! If you steal the virus, they will kill you for real! Who knows what will happen to us..? To Gentek?”

“I don’t give a fuck about Gentek. Whatever the hell they have had me creating is the reason for all of this…this shit happening now! Gentek is hiding something and so is Blackwatch. And I’m not sitting around to be killed in a dark alley just to have my work gone.”


So how did he end up in a dark alley? Blackwatch on his ass and a strange woman in red trailing his every move? Penn station is crowed enough for him to hopefully blend in and sneak aboard the subway…but he’s cornered. And it’s not by Blackwatch. Her gun is trained on his head, his arm raised containing Blacklight. They stare each other down and suddenly fingers are letting the vial drop to the stone floor. If he was to die, then so would everyone in Manhattan - selfish asshole. Poor dear~ You stopped him from finding the truth and once she pulled the trigger…She just created a monster.


»» Five months later««

“A cathedral,” there’s a spat rising over the falling rain. Blue glims narrowing on the Asian spy as they entered the graveyard filled with -ugh- fucking viral infected corpses.

“You said you wanted to help take down Simmons, did you not?~” The spy cooed. Her crossbow resting against her shoulder now once she glances up at him. Of course now he’s brooding - Like always. This was the first time they were working together since meeting in Manhattan. When Neo-Umbrella stuck their noses in Gentek’s business, Ada knew the virus would be crossing paths with her sooner or later. There’s a ripple of biomass before he’s opening a secret passage and dropping down first.

Just in case a fucking abomination of bullshit is down there. So far, so good. “Come on. Let’s get this over with..”

      The enemies can always run their course, sure. She’s a third wheel — at least it’s what she keeps telling herself. One day it won’t be all bioterrorism and walking corpses, won’t always be the man with the greatest virus embedded into or from his DNA, wasn’t there a day when human flesh was human and not the guinea pig of a creation against God? Someone called it that once — not that Ada was keen on remembering words from the dead, she’s rather focused on what is and not what was or will be. General rules of a spy. The double agent’s head is solemnly swung to glance at the phone, fingers tapping the accept call and bringing the piece to her ear, heeled boots still clicking against the linoleum of this so-called laboratory, eyes of grey scanning each tube and beaker, every piece of equipment as the orders fall on diligent ears

   ”I’ll make this simple for you, Miss Wong, I don’t get that sample, and your life will be at the mercy of our company. You know how this works.”

      A callous male’s voice, and there’s a scoff at the words. He thinks he can get the spy to work out of fear? Wouldn’t be the first nor last time she’s taken it upon herself to get the job done and still manage to piss off the superiors. More like twist their arms behind their backs, times coming.

      “They’re going to run, whatever this virus is — whatever it does. How much you want to bet we’ll figure this out before the day’s ove…--” An abrupt pause in her response. This little trip to the lab had been useless, and at that point she’s already taken the quickest path out of the building. Phone call will need to be dropped soon, her employer already spewing profanities in her ears. “Cut the crap and link me a visual!”

      Ah the beauty of technology, Uncle Sam is always watching and as the call is ended, the scarlet clad spy is already following a rather easy to track trail. Such a shame the end result is going to leave us all weary. The gun trained was the easy part, talking this male down was nothing of the sort. Exactly how can she explain her part isn’t as simple as it seems when the ears of the current so-called employers are everywhere and there’s still a matter of — heh believe it or not it wasn’t her job to track Mercer down when he ran, no not by the books. They had a team for that. It wasn’t until she realized he was going to run and end up a pawn in this game, one pelted with a SWAT team of bullets that she took it upon herself to chase.

      She wasn’t worried about his death, but she had to be the one to get that virus before it was placed in the wrong hands, this wasn’t supposed to go down. Still — there were ways to salvage from this disaster. Even as she’s pulling the trigger and realizing just how screwed they were, oh there’s a glimmer of hope. This one’s a key player, no longer a pawn.

      “It’s going to take more than a few days to clean up this mess — let them deal with the chaos, we got what we wanted.” And every word that falls from Ada’s lips is a blatant ploy. We was not a truth. Neo-Umbrella was already corrupt and tainted, they didn’t know where one line of their employees began and the other ended, funny how that worked out. Because where there’s one clone of a company, they were nothing compared to the original Umbrella, the worst part? They’re about to find out just how many competitors they have with the same namesake.

      Here’s the real difficulty — Derek C. Simmons, nobody knows how deranged he is. Not anyone but the Ada Wong herself. Truth is she has no idea where their little friend has been these past five months, she’s been on her own, typical work. Finding a way to recreate that Blacklight sample without her false company finding out, still playing the role of a loyal little soldier, but things are bound to take an interesting turn.

                She requested Mercer. He’s an impartial alliance. Loosely used term.

      Underground they’re going to find out just what’s got them all so confused. Ada’s been gone, but really? Has she been? There’s an impostor out there. The ill begotten Carla Radames, time to start putting the pieces together. Let’s hope this rookie will be of use —

      after-all he’s only coming along as a liability. The spy needs him. Nothing more, nothing less. At least that’s buying his life a bit of insurance.

      The woman drops down following, is it quite clear her mind is elsewhere? It shouldn’t be and she needs to focus on what’s what. “You can relax, they can’t track us down here." Finally a chance to give some answers, she’s not keen on giving them, but trapped and partnered, might as well ease this… Infected’s mind a bit. Can’t have him turning his aim upon her, can we? “So before the uglies start crawling out of the wood works, want to tell me what exactly they’ve had you doing these past five months?” Oh she’s getting focused, questions, answers, everything is going to become one jumbled mess. A mixture of bioterrorism and mistaken concepts. Honestly?

      “Won’t be much consolation, but I swear I’m not the enemy here.”

      And him? He’d likely been captive and tested, not that it was her intention to put that on him. Some people were sacrificial — it’s just a miracle they didn’t worsen his condition, but maybe that’s not a sure thing. Time’ll tell. These passages were filled with secrets. Knowing Simmons, things were about to get nasty. Facing the undead, nothing compared to the mutated, and puzzles? Tunnels? Hey, Ada’s used to it. We’ll see how much patience her friend has for the night, hm. Already echoes of BOW’s in the corridor. Nothing they couldn’t handle.

Cyanide eyes are losing commitment to staying focused on her once she lands. He’s fucking relaxed - You’re the cause of his tensing shoulders, hands in pockets. Cranium and gaze is greyed out by his hood. “Blackwatch can’t track for shit and neither can Umbrella.” A sneer etched in that deep tone and he ventured forward a bit before rocking back on the heel of his dress shoes. Buying his life a bit of time? You killed him five months ago, remember? At least you killed who he becameDon’t think he doesn’t fucking remember you either.

He does.

And you got one time to screw him over before you’re a memory. A voice in a web. It’d be fun to wear your skin, hm? Neo-Umbrella has bitten off more than they can chew with Gentek; Alex Mercer mostly. Shouldn’t have killed him. Three weeks and millions was dead because of him and in five months? Manhattan is a macabre horror that is spreading worldwide and it’s all Ada Wong’s fault. It should sting the spy…to know you ruined the world. Unintentionally. They really are quite the same when you think about it.

Her statement is no consolation none whatsoever. Actually, Alex is whipping back around to stare the Asian coquette down, pointing an accusing index digit in her face. “I don’t trust you, got that? You try one fucking thing and I can guarantee you and everyone involved will lose.” He hissed and after another few moments of glaring, the virus is focusing on the scent of BOWs. Biomass bristling along his shoulders like a garden of snakes as he turned around to slowly walk in silence.

Alex is about to ignore her question about what he was doing the past five months. They didn’t have him doing shit. From saving Manhattan, to traveling around the world and coming back to nothing…Pretty much a dull fucking life.

"I saved Manhattan from being nuked. Got nuked in the process and came back to do some soul-searching around the world." A gentle shrug of leather shoulders and the sounds of those monsters reach his extraordinary hearing, fingers automatically flexing. "There was no they. I killed everyone responsible…found the truth. Didn’t like it. You’re the only one that I haven’t consumed yet. But if you help me take down Simmons and Neo-Umbrella? I might let you live.”

These BOWs are skeletal creatures, popping from the stone floor and once Alex steps forward they are hobbling forward. Six of them - Even right? The virus makes partial note of the spy before stepping closer behind her. “I got these three.” A confident grunt and arms are shifting into long claws, biomass and bio-luminescent like flames rippling downward to the tip of those thick claws. Still think you’re getting the virus now? How can you tell your boss that Alex Mercer is the virus he longs to get his greedy hands on?

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I don’t know what’s more irritating. Treating characters that are infected with blood-lust, inflicting pain and misery and chaos like they are kittens when you should clearly fear them.

Especially in roleplaying.

Everyone seems to belittle antagonists and flat out ignore the fact that they are downright dangerous and capable of murder. That’s not something you should be throwing over your shoulder without a care if you’re a roleplayer.

My character is NOT a kitten.

My character is NOT a soft-hearted little child.

My character is NOT a toy for you to degrade so it can fit into your shipping fantasies.

My character is to be feared yet respected for what an antagonist is.

My character should make yours cautious, or paranoid, or on-edge, or alerted to some kind of danger. Not automatically accepting and trying to pry into my character’s ‘misunderstood world’ and attempt to FIX my character and ‘save’ them from some kind of madness.

That’s not how interacting with any antagonist should go unless it’s discussed via roleplayer to roleplayerDon’t try to be my character’s therapist or sympathizer unless we discuss that.

I’m tired of people brushing off my character’s malice like it’s nothing. My character’s actions towards yours should elicit a REACTION not ‘okay whatever ha ha lets move on’.

Don’t treat my character like nothing when you should be taking it a lot more seriously. That’s reflecting on me and my ability to act out my character. Honestly—it kills the fun and point of picking an antagonist to roleplay in the first place.

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"You realize calling me a sociopathic asshole is a fucking compliment, right?”

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— Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.
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